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What We Stand For

The Lola Strong Cares Foundation was founded in 2018 to bring awareness to pancreatic cancer and assist my mother, Ms. Lola Griffin with financial assistance for her cancer care. The idea transpired because prior to my mother's diagnosis, I had never heard of pancreatic cancer.  Her diagnosis sparked me to start researching the disease. Upon finding out how rare it was, I also discovered how it was beginning to become more prevalent. I knew I had to do something to bring awareness to the disease.  I started by doing a t-shirt fundraiser and raised approximately $4000.  Once I saw how much support I was getting, I knew I had to keep it going.  When my mother passed away, I knew I had to continue her legacy by bringing awareness to the disease that took her life. My mom was an avid giver and an active participant in providing financial assistance to underprivileged youth; She was a mentor for many. This foundation was created to honor and continue her legacy. This organization will have a two-fold mission in order to emphasize what my mother stood for during her life before and during her illness.

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